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With numerous schools under our belt, the primary aim of Jwave is to develop youth athletes, as well as to prepare them for their zonal competitions. Outside of coaching in schools, Jwave holds regular training sessions to further help athletes improve their skills. Our passionate coaches conduct both private and group classes everyday of the week. Find out more about these classes here.

Why us?

Our centre believes that individuals can reach their fullest potential with the right environment and training methods. Hence, we strive to conduct classes with a small coach to student ratio to ensure that every trainee goes home learning something.

With Ernest Seet being a Sport Science graduate, we are able to constantly upgrade our training methods in accordance to new developments in the field. As such, we are able to provide effective training programmes for our trainees. Let science revolutionize the way we train.

Events Management

Have a badminton event in mind but not sure how to go about doing it or lack the resources to do it? Jwave is able to help you manage your events. We have assisted many corporations to organize activities such as tournaments and camps. Call us and see if we can be of help to your event.


Using Li Ning E3000 electronic stringing machine, we are providing restringing services at an affordable rate.
In the event that you are ensure of the suitable tension and string to use, we are also able to advise you accordingly.
Strings that we provide:


  • Yonex BG65
  • Yonex BG66
  • Yonex BG66 Ultimax
  • Yonex BG80 Power
  • Yonex BG66 Force
  • Li Ning No. 1
  • Li Ning No. 3
  • Li Ning No. 5
  • Li Ning No. 7

*All prices above come with stringing service

If you provide your own string, we will charge you $8 for the stringing service.


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